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Fluff and fold laundry services


We offer Fluff’ n Fold Laundry Service in addition to our dry cleaning. Our laundry equipment handles your clothing with care and leaves your garments and towels smelling fresh and clean.

Wedding Gown Preservation

Wedding Gown Preservation

We examine the fabric, beading, and other details of your wedding dress before we get started to determine the safest way to handle the specific fabric. We often start with the hem because it is typically the most soiled. Then we clean the dress by hand and spot treat any stains. Once the dress is cleaned, we preserve it in an acid-free archival chest with a display window.

TIP: Please do not try to pre-treat any stains before send your dress to us.

Suit Care & Dry Cleaning

Suit Care/Dry Cleaning

Typically suit jackets do not need to be dry cleaned after only one wear, unless soiled. When you do send your suit to be dry cleaned, we handle it with special care and use the most delicate solvents to remove stains and throughly clean your suits. TIP: After wearing your suit jacket, use a close brush to remove any link or dirt and hang on a sturdy formed hanger to preserve the shape of the jacket.


We offer alternations for pants, shirts, dresses, skirts, suits, jackets, and almost any type of clothing. We can measure you at the time of pick up and drop off your newly sized clothing.

How to care for stains

Stain Care

We always recommend you send your items to us untreated soon after the stain occurs for best results. If however you have already tried to spot pre-treat your stain, do not wash and dry in the normal wash. Hot water can set the stain depending on the type of soil. If you must try to treat the stain yourself, start with a small spot with typical stain remover product and only use cold water.

Home fabrics

Home Fabrics

Both Draperies and Rugs should be professionally dry cleaned every 1-2 years depending on exposure to soil and tolerance to allergies. Bedding should be professionally cleaned every 6 months to 1 year as well. We will pick up your home fabrics and handle them with the most delicate care.

TIP: Drapes exposed to extreme sunlight can weaken fabrics, make sure your drapes are lined and/or windows have shutters or blinds.

Leather & Suede Care Services

Leather & Suede

Our leather treatments are specifically formulated cleaning solutions for leather in order to maintain the delicate balance of oils in the skins. We spot treat any specific stains and gently clean all of the leather, and repair any tears or buttons. Then we press the garment using special equipment for leather.

TIP: Please do not try to pre-treat any stains before send your leather garments to us.

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